OnDemand's arsdoc utility, is as mysterious as it is powerful.  A flexible, yet rarely discussed tool, it comes by default with every Content Manager OnDemand installation - waiting quietly to help you become a CMOD Power-User.

This CMOD Training session will cover the three most popular modes of operation for arsdoc:

• arsdoc query - Provides the ability to query Application Groups or Folders in a variety of ways to help find metadata quickly, and programmatically.

• arsdoc get - Allows you to retrieve documents from inside Content Manager OnDemand, back into their original format, or in the CMOD Generic Index format, optimized for loading back into OnDemand.

• arsdoc update - While updating metadata in your corporate archive is generally frowned upon, this CMOD command allows you to update fields to automate and extend the functionality of your Content Manager OnDemand server.

We'll also very quickly review how you can streamline complex tasks with basic scripting at the UNIX & Linux command line.

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