YES! Free CMOD education!

Find out how you can get CMOD education and training for free from a Content Manager OnDemand consultant with 25 years experience

Hi! I'm Justin Derrick, and I've been working with IBM's Content Manager OnDemand product for over 25 years. I've been consulting non-stop for two decades now, and have probably completed hundreds of upgrades at well over 100 customer sites. There probably isn't a question I haven't heard or answered, especially on the Content Manager OnDemand User Group ("ODUG") forums. I'm also the author of nearly 100 articles at the CMOD wiki.

I've been giving away training and hosting CMOD Webinars for years already. At many of my client sites, I've offered training at no cost to their teams under one condition - that I'm allowed to invite other Content Manager OnDemand customers to attend. These sessions have been overwhelmingly successful, and the presentation materials are already done – so why not host more sessions, on more topics, for free?

It was actually a suggestion from the latest ODUG Webinar on CMOD v10.5 that motivated me to make this project a reality – there really isn't any good free technical training material out there, and there is clearly a need!

How will this work? I'll be posting summaries of all of the educational sessions I'm offering, and a registration form to sign up. If you're interested in a specific session, click the subscribe button and enter your work eMail address, and you'll receive notifications of upcoming courses, and registration links. There will be one or two sessions each month, grouped by time zones or similar interests, with lots of time for discussion and questions and answers.

I hope to see you soon, and take care!

-Justin Derrick.