When working with customers, one of the most common tasks is to help explain what exactly Content Manger OnDemand is, and where it fits into the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) puzzle.  Understanding CMOD Architecture and functionality is key to getting the highest return on your investment.

This class will start at a stratopheric level, and provide the biggest, clearest picture possible, without getting into the technical jargon.  From there, we'll de-orbit from the executive level, and go through everything an Enterprise Architect and Project Manager needs to know in order to give your CMOD implemention the highest chance of success.

Executive Level - The Biggest Picture, and the biggest benefits & cost savings.  How others in your industry are using it, and how to meet enterprise-level goals.

Architectural Level - How CMOD fits into the mosaic of your ECM solutions, and how data flows into, out of, and around Content Manager OnDemand.

Project Management Level - Creating managable tasks to complete your project or implementation, and understanding the most important questions to ask during the kickoff phase of your next CMOD project.

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