This course is an increasingly technical review of Content Manager OnDemand for Multiplatforms from the perspective of UNIX system administrator.  While focused on Linux and AIX operating systems, this CMOD course should provide insight to Windows and z/OS administrators as well.

Beginning with a brief review of the architecture of CMOD, we'll discuss each of the required and optional components for Content Manager OnDemand, see how they're related and interoperate to provide one of the fastest, most effective Enterprise Report Management ("ERM") systems in the Enterprise Content Management ("ECM") space.

Next we'll cover the hardware and software requirements, OnDemand cache filesystems, configuring secondary storage, and scheduling maintenance with the  'arsmaint' utility, and discussing backup & recovery of your CMOD server.

Finally, we'll get into troubleshooting from the top-down, covering the built-in OnDemand System Log, log files in the server's filesystems, database diagnostic logs, and enabling tracing in order to find espeically difficult errors.

While this webinar is aimed at people who have root access to CMOD servers, it may be enlightening for Content Manager OnDemand administrators to take a peek under the covers to help them diagnose and troubleshoot errors.

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